A Wedding in Paros island – Cyclades, Greece

When this couple asked me to take their photographs, they had only seen a very small sample of my work.

Every passing day until the wedding, I was feeling both anxious as well as challenged for the final result, since I felt I had to correspond to the trust they showed me.

Their words were laconic and passed the message very clearly! “Most and above all, we like you like as a person. We want you as a photographer, to capture our joyful moments!”

I met Michael & Francesca last summer in Paros. A happy couple, with a great sense of humour and great personalities! Two beautiful people, on the inside and the outside!

When the day of the wedding arrived, everything went to plan. The couple, the relatives, the friends and Paros’ aura all contributed to the final outcome.

Michael & Francesca, thank you both and may you live happily ever after!